5 Tips on Gardening with True Artistry

Critical to the success of any garden is its soil. Like soil, the elements of design are the planting bed used to create a work of art. With the garden as your canvas, apply the following 5 elements to create a true work of art.

1. Line

Strong and distinct lines draw the eye into the garden/landscape. It invites the onlooker into your space.

2. Shape

Contrasting forms add intrigue. Create conversation with unique positive shapes.

3. Texture

Foster an emotional response. Stimulate curiosity and invite the onlooker to touch your garden canvas.


4. Color

Express yourself and seduce the eye. Use a color wheel for harmonious colors (next to one another on the wheel) or complementary colors (across from one another on the wheel).

5. Light

Day and night, enhance your lines, shapes, textures and color with light. Shadows and rhythm add yet another dimension to your outdoor canvas.   

Pick up your palette & get started

Whether you’re a flaming torch, a velvet queen sunflower, a spiky cactus, or a bright colored poppy, becoming an artist of your space is easier, more affordable, and more enjoyable than you think. With a little bit of color, some intentional placement and some texture to give your yard just the right personality, you can create the ambiance and atmosphere that will express yourself to all your neighbors, friends, and family so you can feel proud to call your space home. Take advantage of free shipping on all orders over $99 by bundling your art pieces today.



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