3 sizzlers for your outdoor space

• Centerpiece •

A focal point inspiring converstation, intrigue and interest. Something to give your setting that extra special touch.

Saguaro Torch

This hand crafted icon is the perfect anchor to any space.  Create a second look with this "on-fire", all-weather, all-season centerpiece. 

• Subtle Accent •

A subtle touch transforming an ordinary space into an extraordinary setting for outdoor entertainment.

Blue Agave Torch

This quiet touch accentuates your space adding unique texture.  Blending perfectly in any climate, this Kansas made piece sets your space apart.

• Pop of Color •

Engage the eye with vibrant, year-round color. Create an atmosphere of entertainment with happy colors.  

Daisy Torch

Capture attention with color and light.  This steel, all-climate pop adds happy curiosity to any space.  Keep mosquitos away and guests close.

• Watch the video for sizzle in action •