Who is Desert Steel?

Desert Steel began with a Kansas-proud son and father-in-law who fell in love with the icons of the Southwest. Eric Carroll and Richard Turner, that brought their artistic and business expertise together to create something bigger than themselves. 

Since 2002 our products have been used around the world as landscape accents from backyard getaways to expansive public and commercial spaces, many in places the live icon will never grow naturally.

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3 Budget Benefits:

1. Art

2. Drought landscaping

3. Budget maximization

In other words, you don’t have to rob from the landscaping budget or the art budget since you get both with each dollar spent on our pieces.

What makes our pieces stand out?

  • Maintenance free, no care or upkeep. Intelligent design reduces annual maintenance cost for trimming, watering, clean up, etc. (Perfect for areas where access to water is tough: medians, bridges, elevated planters, round-a-bouts, etc.)
  • Sure to withstand all elements. Durable galvanized steel structure with realistic patina is rust resistant and guaranteed not to corrode or fade. Hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage can be done by drought, ice, flood or freezing temperatures.
  • Iconic beauty. Uniquely crafted pieces that beautify a place and add curb appeal, no matter where they are.