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ADD Southwest sizzle

Saguaro Torch


Creating inspiration for your outdoor canvas. 



add color & life


Attract year-round life and color with our artisan crafted bird feeders

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add balance & warmth 


Bring a sense of balance and warmth with our premium and functional solar lights

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add contrast & movement


Captivate the eye with contrast and movement using our durably sculpted torches

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add texture & conversation

Joshua Trees DETAILS 1.jpg

Start a conversation and invite guests to touch your curious landscape accent


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ARtistic inspiration

Artistic expression comes in many forms. Our goal is to create inspiration for your outdoor canvas.


We want to realistically represent some of natureā€™s most beloved icons with unparalleled creative detail and lasting durability to enjoy no matter where you live.

Nature is filled with all manner of beautiful plants that are wonderful to look at but which are pretty difficult to grow. At Desert Steel you can count on our skilled artists to design a plant so lifelike and beautiful that you can gladly keep it up and showing all year long.

Our artists create durable bird feeders, luminaries, landscape structures, and garden torches. All of our pieces are custom made and produced specifically to stand up to any type of weather all over the world.  And since everything is crafted out of steel, your piece will be as durable as it is beautiful. All too often you get rugged sculptures made of steel or beautiful sculptures that are fragile. We want to give you the best of both worlds by offering beautiful sculptures made to last a long time.

From creating getaways in the backyard to providing public spaces with steel beauty, Desert Steel has been providing people with a gorgeous alternative to accenting their landscape. We've been doing that since 2002, and we don't show signs of stopping now.