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7 fun pumpkin facts


1. The fairy tale Cinderella  first made use of the word "pumpkin."

They were previously called "gros melons" (large melons) by a french explorer in 1584.


2. The world's largest pumpkin hailed from Belgium and weighed over 2,500 pounds


3. The largest (baked!) pumpkin pie weighed almost 3700 lbs.

proudly baked in Ohio, USA.


4. Jack-o-lanterns originated in Ireland.

But get this—they were made out of turnips and potatoes instead of pumpkins.



5. Every part is edible. 

Take your pick from pumpkin seeds, skin, leaves, flowers, pulp, and/or stems!


6. 500!

That's the average number of seeds in each pumpkin.


7. Pumpkins are Actually fruit. 

They're in the winter squash family, which also includes cucumbers and melons.